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Manual install on macOS 10.12.6: Installing Net::HTTP failed


I have been following the manual install guide for get_iplayer (version 3.12) with little success. The install fails while attempting to install the Mojolicious module to the local library. Per the install guide I used the commands below to configure a local library.

curl -L "" | perl - -l ~/perl5 App::cpanminus local::lib
eval `perl -I ~/perl5/lib/perl5 -Mlocal::lib`
echo 'eval `perl -I ~/perl5/lib/perl5 -Mlocal::lib`' >> ~/.bash_profile

I then execute the command:

cpanm LWP mojolicious

(Note I wanted to run this individually as this is the module that appears not to be available to Perl).

Output from the command is provided below. As you can see the install fails when trying to instal Net-HTTP because the installed version of Net::HTTP appears to be 6.06 rather than 6.07.

Does anyone have any insight into what I'm doing incorrectly in the install process.

--> Working on LWP
Fetching ... OK
Configuring libwww-perl-6.33 ... OK
==> Found dependencies: Net::HTTP, Test::RequiresInternet
--> Working on Net::HTTP
Fetching ... OK
Configuring Net-HTTP-6.17 ... OK
Building and testing Net-HTTP-6.17 ... FAIL
! Installing Net::HTTP failed. See /Users/Jack/.cpanm/work/1520561705.40652/build.log for details. Retry with --force to force install it.
--> Working on Test::RequiresInternet
Fetching ... OK
Configuring Test-RequiresInternet-0.05 ... OK
Building and testing Test-RequiresInternet-0.05 ... OK
Successfully installed Test-RequiresInternet-0.05
! Installing the dependencies failed: Installed version (6.06) of Net::HTTP is not in range '6.07'
! Bailing out the installation for libwww-perl-6.33.
! Finding mojolicious on cpanmetadb failed.
! Finding mojolicious () on mirror failed.
! Couldn't find module or a distribution mojolicious
1 distribution installed


I've changed the advice in the install doc to recommend installing only the modules necessary for get_iplayer to work with macOS system Perl. With XML::LibXML screwed and now this test failure with Net::HTTP, it's not worth swimming against the tide to install additional updates. Remove the ~/perl5 directory (assuming you don't use it for anything else) and go through the instructions again to install cpanminus and local::lib and then then install the required modules (IO::Socket::SSL, Mozilla::CA, Mojolicious). You don't need to add the "eval" command to ~/.bash_profile if you did it before.

EDIT: removed note regarding cpanm --force - see below


Taking another look, I realised that the failing test uses live connections to The correct approach that disables only such tests:
NO_NETWORK_TESTING=1 cpanm [...]


OK, I did as you suggested in your initial response, i.e recreated the library and only install the modules that get_iplayer needs, i.e. IO::Socket::SSL, Mozilla::CA, Mojolicious. This does the trick in getting get_iplayer to work.

I have a quick follow-up question. I store downloaded TV files in a folder structure as follows:


For example:

~/Blue Planet II/Season 01/Blue_Planet_II-s01e01-One_Ocean.mp4

I note that I can specify a subdirectory for output using the --subdir and --subdir-format parameters however as far as I can tell this will only allow me to create the <nameshort> folder under the specified output folder. Is it possible to create a subfolder of the program name that is named using the series?

Thanks for your assistance in getting get_iplayer running again. It is much appreciated.

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