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get-iplayer really slow


Hello everybody,

Normally, get-iplayer is on my laptop and has never given any trouble. However, the laptop is currently under repair - and thus get-iplayer has been transferred to my desktop. And now, capturing a single film, documentary or report will often take a day (sometimes close to 24 h).

Get-iplayer is programmed to send mp4 output to Home. For economical and practical reasons, though, my data (Documents and so on) are in /data (also indicated as -data, in the Home Folder). And that is where I want get-iplayer to send mp4 output to.

What is/are the Terminal command(s) to use?

Thanks very much.


PS I'm running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. And ffmpeg video plug-in has been included from the start.


Regarding what commands for saving to a destination of your choice, see here:

As for the slowness, that sounds like you internet connection. get_iplayer changed the default quality of downloads a couple of releases back, so if your laptop had an older version on and it would have been using the older lower quality download setting.

As you presumably installed get_iplayer on your desktop recently the new version would be using higher quality download streams which would take longer to download.

If you're unsure of your connection speed you can use the link below, it's the most accurate one I've found:

If you connection speed is good, then post back and things can be investigated further.

These forums are archived

See this post for further info