I broke my preferences and now web pvr doesn't work
How to solve it.

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If not latest version of get_iplayer , update to latest.

A way to rebuild the cache is to run the following command

get_iplayer --cache-rebuild --type=tv,radio
Post the output from get_iplayer --show-prefs
When I tell you to run a particular command, it's for a reason. Try again, and this time follow my instructions.
It is BBC - PID = b09gvw7v , I don't know I stuck on that . cache or pvr manager cannot download any program. Hope that help you to solve the problem. Is it the bug of program? I don't know.
Thank everyone so much.
get_iplayer --prefs-clear
everything is on fine.
Thank you so much.
For everyone else: --prefs-clear will be too drastic in most cases since it removes all your settings. If the OP had simply done as I instructed, s/he would have seen, in all likelihood, there was only a bogus "proxy" setting that could have been removed separately with --prefs-del. If that was the only setting, then of course there would be no difference between using --prefs-clear or --prefs-del.

This is also a reminder to be careful when typing commands, especially when using --prefs-add to update preferences. This particular problem was caused by using -pid=b09gvw7v. Note the single hyphen, which should be double. Otherwise the option is interpreted like -p "id=b09gvw7v", which set the "proxy" option in preferences to a bogus value. Of course, you shouldn't add --pid to your preferences at all.

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