Search not successful (BBC4)
I tried to find 2 videos originally transmitted on BBC4 on 15th October 2017.
Those videos can still be viewed using BBC's iplayer.
I tried to use get_iplayer, but in the PVR list I could not find these videos.
I am looking for 'Jonas Kaufmann: Tenor for ages' and 'Kaufmann's Otello at the ROH' (see attachments).
Could someone please help me and explain why I cannot find these videos in the PVR (Personal Video Recorder) list?
Thanks a lot.
Best regards

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The eighth bullet point down answers why you can't see it in the PVR list:

You will need to use the PID method to download the programmes you need (if using the command line) and that's covered in the TV guide:

Alternatively you can use the 'Quick URL' method in the webPVR manager. Simply paste the URL of the programme from iPlayer into the Quick URL box (it's on the search page, top left) and click the record button.
Thanks for your explanation.
I know understand, why I cannot finde the videos.
I used the quick URL method and found the videos.
Download works fine and I can watch the videos now.
I really appreciate your support.
Best regards,
P.S. I will mark this thread as solved once both downloads are complete.
This will last another 2 or 3 hours from now.
Problem solved.
But I do not know how to modify the thread's title by adding [SOLVED].
Can someone please explain or do this for me?
Thank you so much.
We do that.