Web PVR: Cannot find 3 week old programme after system failed and cache restored
I need help. If this query has appeared previously I most humbly apologise. I've searched for this problem as requested but I can't see it been 'put up' before.

I've been using all versions of Get_iPlayer for some time now and in particular v3.01 (for ages). It has suited me and I've been merrily going along my own sweet path without a metaphorical care in the world.

Unfortunately, yesterday, my PC decided to wipe out my Users profiles and all of my info was spread to the four corners of my PC.

I found where the folders containing Get iPlayer's caches (tv / radio etc) were but due to the 'user' problem I couldn't get v301 to work.

I therefore upgraded and installed v3.06.

I copied and pasted the relative folders from my previous instillations in the directory that had been created by v3.06 (as I was technically a new user)

Since then Get iPlayer works fine. However, when using WebPVRManager's search facility, it only finds the recent additions and nothing from the previous instillation. When I search for a programme which I know is definitely still on iPlayer (as it's only 3 weeks old) it does not appear as being available via v3.06 which it did in v3.01 and previously.

As another fellow poster stated "... very strange indeed"

I just don't know what to do
get_iplayer has access to the last 7 days of schedule information.

It saves this information for 30 days.

By 'remembering' the previous 7 days get_iplayer builds up over time a picture of what was available for the last 30 days.

Unless you are able to copy over your cache file that contains that 'remembered' information from the previous install then there's no way to populate your new cache with anything before 7 days prior to the new installation.

You can still get programmes available on iPlayer by using the PID/URL method. There is a guide on how to do this linked above.
Thanks SO much for that SquarePenguin... much appreciated.

Will follow your wise advice.

You've definitely helped me out of the proverbial  'black hole'

Again, thank you

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