Desktop and Start Menu shortcut command incorrect
I've just upgraded from V3.05 to V3.06 but afterwards a CMD window appeared for a fraction of a second and then disappeared. This turned out to be because you've changed the name of the .cmd file but the shortcut isn't updated from pvr_manager.cmd to get_iplayer_web_pvr.cmd.

I've corrected it and solved the problem but I wonder if it's just my PC that is weird or whether there's a generic problem?

I have a shotcut on my desktop, and I can imagine that this may not get updated, but the one in start menu is also not being updated and still tries to run pvr_manager.cmd.
I think the start menu shortcuts can be cached for a while by the system, so you would need to look at the actual shortcut files on disk to see whether or not they were overwritten during installation as they should be.
I had the same issue and manually corrected it.


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