Ashamed to admit - how do I put commands in ?
I know this is bloody basic stuff, but where do you type in these command line instructions ? I know which ones to type - but just cant work out where to input them.

I'm running windows 10 and v3.06, and launch it all through the web PVR. I think this is my problem - and I'm ashamed that I'm stumped by something so basic......

and again...many thanks for this brilliant and valuable programme and your input here
Just click the "get_iplayer" shortcut in the "get_iplayer" folder on the Start Menu. That's what it's for, just like any other Windows application. It's in the same location as the shortcut you use to launch the Web PVR Manager. You can't miss it. Alternatively, you can just launch a standard command prompt (cmd.exe) and type get_iplayer commands there. More to the point, the Windows install doc already tells you this. A little reading goes a long way.
Ok...yes, its there. Thank you.

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