Problem downloading subtitles for certain episodes of a series
Hi all,

I downloaded the series Bang (8 episodes on s4c) using the following command:-

get_iplayer --pid=p05dhj8n --pid-recursive

All 8 episodes downloaded but only episodes 1,5 and 8 have subtitles for some reason. When I check this using the iPlayer app on my smart TV, all the episodes appear to have subtitles, so I'm wondering why only 3 of 8 were downloaded by get_iplayer using the above command. I checked with the latest version v3.06 on Windows 10.

My options are set to:-

       pidrecursive = 1
       tvmode = better
       nopurge = 1
       search = (0)
       subtitles = 1

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can download all 8 episodes with subtitles?

Just re-run the same command with --subtitles-only appended. And remove search = (0) from your preferences. It is the result of an error and could break your searches.
Worked perfectly. Many thanks for your assistance.

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