Radio programmes found in PVR search with v3.04 not found in PVR search with v3.05
I can't get Gip 3.05 to download any radio shows at all! If I run 3.04 it picks up six new radio shows, what's up? I'm running it with the --PVR switch

I have the same issue since the last update.

Can find the shows manually with a --type=radio switch, but for some reason the --pvr os not finding them.

I had prefs set to search only radio, but even with all user prefs cleared (from "options") the --pvr switch finds none of the radio shows in the --pvr-list.

this was all previously working, so something has changed in a recent update, or perhaps now I need to update my local config somehow.

Help would be great!
I would recommend going back to 3.04 until its fixed, that works perfectly for just radio (I never download TV).

Will V3.06 fix this?

V3.06 fixed it!


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