Radio programme not found in PVR search because it requires search on episode title
Hi all,

My overnight pvr run failed to pick up a radio programme over the weekend. The programme's full title is "Friday Night Is Music Night - Queen: A Friday Night at the Opera, BBC Radio 2", the PID is b096yq2y.

The contents of the pvr search file is:

search0 Queen

Interestingly, if I run without pvr and search for queen, it also doesn't find it. However, if I search for "Friday night" then the programme is found.

Any suggestions? Full log is attached, but all it shows is that it didn't find anything...the full command was:

/usr/bin/get_iplayer --verbose --pvr-single queen -o /var/spool/xbmc/iPlayer-Download/ --type=radio,tv


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Ah, that problem again. :-)

From the FAQ:
  • Are you searching for a string in the episode title? By default, get_iplayer only searches the programme (series) name. To search both, use

In your specific case, the series name is "Friday Night Is Music Night", and the episode name is "Queen: A Friday Night at the Opera".

For those who want to search both fields, all the time, you can do:
get_iplayer --prefs-add --fields=name,episode
but be aware that this might match programmes you don't want or expect.


That sounds plausible. Thanks for a comprehensive response.

I think I'll make the change, as I'd rather have to delete recordings occasionally than miss something I didn't realise was on...

Thanks again.

I wouldn't recommend adding that to your preferences. Depending on your search strings, it could spawn a lot of unwanted downloads since it will be applied to every search. Only add it to the PVR searches where it might be needed. Even with that, such a generic search string as "queen" is likely to always spawn a lot of unwanted downloads. You can cut out a few of them by converting your search string into a regular expression that matches only the whole word "Queen" and not, e.g., "Queensland".
How would I add it to the search for a single PVR file?

I'll run with it overnight and see how many unwanted downloads I get.


just add the --fields option when you use pvr-add. something like this:

get_iplayer --fields=name,episode queen --pvr-add queen


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