I want a different format for firstbcastdate field in output file name

I am trying to get BBC Click Episodes.

I want to add EPS to saved like so (UTC date):

07/10/2017 - Japan: Seeing Things You Wouldn't Believe


However first broadcast date is wrong.

Currently adding it to my PVR like so:

get_iplayer --pvr-add="Click" Click --exclude="Short Edition" --tvmode=best --file-prefix="<name> - <episode>" --output "/var/data/Downloads/TV/"
The image you uploaded shows details for a different episode , about school shootings , not the Japanese one.
Different eps same show.

Firstbroadcast date is 2017-10-07 , which is the day it was broadcast on. ( 7th October )
I am confused where you are seeing the incorrect info , it looks like it is correct to me.
I added it with:

get_iplayer --pvr-add="Click" Click --exclude="Short Edition" --tvmode=best --file-prefix="<nameshort>-<firstbcastdate>-<episodeshort>" --output "/var/data/Downloads/TV/"

Which gives me:


However, I want date format to be UTC:

Click-16-09-2017 - School Shootings..

Ideally I want it saved like so:

Click - 2017x35 - 16-09-2017 - School Shootings.mp4
That is not what "UTC" means (Google is your friend here). As to the format for <firstbcastdate> you want in the file name, that is not available. get_iplayer just uses the format provided in BBC metadata.
This is true, sorry didn't mean UTC.

I got it fixed with get_iplayer --pvr-add="Click" Click --exclude="Short Edition" --tvmode=best --file-prefix="<nameshort>-<firstbcastdate>-<episodeshort>" --output "/var/data/Downloads/TV/" and was able to use imdb to sort it.


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