Inconsistent gaps in Top of the Pops episodes
This is bad. I have started watching a number of recent captures, and all of them have short bits missing, anything from a couple of seconds up to maybe about 10 seconds. Given that I have captured a lot of stuff over the last few months and left it, taking for granted that it would be ok, I am expecting that a lot of things have chunks missing.

Is there any idea on why this is happening and if there's any way to stop it please?
Can you name any programs with missing sections and i will check the ones i recorded.
ive been downloading episodes of Top of the Pops mainly. I have redownloaded some of them, and the bits are often there, or different bits are missing.

Is there anything that can interfere with the captures, like the PC going into the lock screen or something? I have ust redownloaded two of the episodes, and am about to try to see if these new captures are better.
Sorry , haven't downloaded any of those , recorded them directly on my satellite pvr.
I run my get_iplayer pvr overnight and seldom have any problems with the files i download , as most are only downloaded if i miss something live , or its an archive file.
I will check the files that download overnight tonight and see if there are any missing sections.
just to clarify, this might not be exclusive to TOTP. I have redownloaded an epsode this eveing, with no screensaver, no lock screen etc, and it has missed what looks like 1 or 2 frames, which is better than the big jump in the last capture I did of it a couple of days back.
I'm going to try something else I downloaded in a minute.

I see there is a new version of Get-Iplayer released last month. Perhaps upgrading to this will solve the problem.
Can both versions be kept on the PC or do I need to delete the old one first?

Top of the Pops - 1982 - Big Hits (b07g9rc4)

I cannot see dropped frames or any corruption from a quick viewing , can you see any faults in your version ?