How do I get the same thumbnail for all episodes in a series?
I used to get the same thumbnail for all the eps of a series. Now (3.03) I seem to get a different thumbnail for each episode.
Can which is used be set somewhere?
My OCD like the same one for all the series. LOL! ;)
Hint: there is an option for that.
Errr - OK. .... not that I've found it.

But pre 3.03 it was using the series thumbnail, after installing 3.03 it's not.

So, this is a new setting?

The change was in v3.02, and was noted at the time. They don't call them "release notes" for nothing.
Thanks for that.

I'm sat in a tent in southern Italy ... been camping for almost 5 months around Italy, done just over 12,000 miles in that time. So keeping up to date with everything isn't really easy. :/

At least the Beeb haven't played about with things whilst I've been away, and the Scheduler has been working brilliantly (Thanks!!!!) ... until last week when it all stopped, no idea why, so (via Google remote desktop - also been used to add new progs/series to the "Get_iPlayer computer" from >1,000 miles away) I installed the latest version.

At least it's working again.

But it's difficult to explore everything when only using a mobile phone .... also for my remote access "terminal"!

I'll track down the setting some time when I get home late Nov.
OK - found the relevant part of the 3.02 release notes.

How do I implement the series thumbnail preference from the web UI?

Or, can the --thumbnail-series be applied as a default setting?

You can't set it in Web PVR. You must add it to preferences with CLI. It will then apply to Web PVR as well.
70 year old ex-accountants quiver when faced with CLI .... :/

get_iplayer --prefs-add --thumbnail-series


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