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--info argument not working with PID b093yd8l before programme is broadcast



Haven't needed to use --info for a while but just noticed that it doesn't seem to be working.

The string I used was get_iplayer --pid b093yd8l --info



Works fine for me...

get_iplayer Output:

jeremy@hector ~ $ get_iplayer --pid b093yd8l --info
get_iplayer v3.01, Copyright (C) 2008-2010 Phil Lewis
 This program comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY; for details use --warranty.
 This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it under certain
 conditions; use --conditions for details.

 NOTE: A UK TV licence is required to legally access BBC iPlayer TV content

INFO: Episode PID detected
INFO: Trying pid: b093yd8l using type: tv
INFO: Trying to download PID using type tv
INFO: pid not found in tv cache
INFO: File name prefix = The_Curious_Cases_of_Rutherford_Fry_Series_7_-_The_Shocking_Surprise_b093yd8l_original                

brand:          The Curious Cases of Rutherford & Fry
categories:     Factual,Science & Nature
category:       Factual
channel:        BBC Radio 4
desc:           Why do we get static shocks? Our science sleuths try to crack another case.
desclong:       Why do we get static shocks?   Jose Chavez Mendez from Guatemala asks, "Some years ago, in the dry season, I used to be very susceptible to static electricity. I want to know - why do static shocks happen?"  The team uncover some slightly unethical science experiments on static electricity from the 1700s. Hannah Fry uses a Leyden Jar to demonstrate how static electricity works with help from her glamorous assistant, Adam Rutherford. Spoiler Alert: it doesn't end well for Adam.  They discover what makes some people more susceptible to static shocks, and how bees and spiders have harnessed the awesome power of electricity.  Featuring electromagnetism scientist Rhys Phillips and physicist Helen Czerski, author of 'Storm in a Teacup: The Physics of Everyday Life'.  Presenters: Adam Rutherford, Hannah Fry Producer: Michelle Martin.
descmedium:     Why do we get static shocks? Our science sleuths crack another case sent in by curious listeners.
descshort:      Why do we get static shocks? Our science sleuths try to crack another case.
dir:            /home/jeremy
dldate:         2017-09-28
dltime:         14:52:50
duration:       660
durations:      original: 660
durations:      podcast: 1738
episode:        The Shocking Surprise
episodeshort:   The Shocking Surprise
expires:        in 81y 94 days 10 hours (2099-01-01T00:00:00+00:00)
ext:            EXT
filename:       /home/jeremy/The_Curious_Cases_of_Rutherford_Fry_Series_7_-_The_Shocking_Surprise_b093yd8l_original.EXT
filepart:       /home/jeremy/The_Curious_Cases_of_Rutherford_Fry_Series_7_-_The_Shocking_Surprise_b093yd8l_original.partial.EXT
fileprefix:     The_Curious_Cases_of_Rutherford_Fry_Series_7_-_The_Shocking_Surprise_b093yd8l_original
firstbcast:     2017-09-28T12:04:00+01:00
firstbcastdate: 2017-09-28
firstbcastrel:  0 days 2 hours ago
longname:       The Curious Cases of Rutherford & Fry: Series 7
modes:          original: dafhigh1,dafhigh2,dafhigh3,dafhigh4,dafstd1,dafstd2,dafstd3,dafstd4,dafmed1,dafmed2,dafmed3,dafmed4,daflow1,daflow2,daflow3,daflow4,hafhigh1,hafhigh2,hafstd1,hafstd2,hafmed1,hafmed2,haflow1,haflow2,hlsaacstd1,hlsaaclow1
modes:          podcast: dafhigh1,dafhigh2,dafhigh3,dafhigh4,dafstd1,dafstd2,dafstd3,dafstd4,dafmed1,dafmed2,dafmed3,dafmed4,daflow1,daflow2,daflow3,daflow4,hafhigh1,hafhigh2,hafstd1,hafstd2,hafmed1,hafmed2,haflow1,haflow2,hlsaacstd1,hlsaaclow1
modesizes:      original: dafhigh1=28MiB,dafhigh2=28MiB,dafhigh3=28MiB,dafhigh4=28MiB,dafstd1=11MiB,dafstd2=11MiB,dafstd3=11MiB,dafstd4=11MiB,dafmed1=8MiB,dafmed2=8MiB,dafmed3=8MiB,dafmed4=8MiB,daflow1=4MiB,daflow2=4MiB,daflow3=4MiB,daflow4=4MiB,hafhigh1=27MiB,hafhigh2=27MiB,hafstd1=11MiB,hafstd2=11MiB,hafmed1=8MiB,hafmed2=8MiB,haflow1=4MiB,haflow2=4MiB,hlsaacstd1=10MiB,hlsaaclow1=4MiB
modesizes:      podcast: dafhigh1=66MiB,dafhigh2=66MiB,dafhigh3=66MiB,dafhigh4=66MiB,dafstd1=27MiB,dafstd2=27MiB,dafstd3=27MiB,dafstd4=27MiB,dafmed1=20MiB,dafmed2=20MiB,dafmed3=20MiB,dafmed4=20MiB,daflow1=10MiB,daflow2=10MiB,daflow3=10MiB,daflow4=10MiB,hafhigh1=70MiB,hafhigh2=70MiB,hafstd1=28MiB,hafstd2=28MiB,hafmed1=21MiB,hafmed2=21MiB,haflow1=11MiB,haflow2=11MiB,hlsaacstd1=27MiB,hlsaaclow1=10MiB
name:           The Curious Cases of Rutherford & Fry: Series 7
nameshort:      The Curious Cases of Rutherford & Fry
pid:            b093yd8l
runtime:        11
senum:          s07e00
series:         Series 7
seriesnum:      7
thumbfile:      /home/jeremy/The_Curious_Cases_of_Rutherford_Fry_Series_7_-_The_Shocking_Surprise_b093yd8l_original.jpg
title:          The Curious Cases of Rutherford & Fry: Series 7: The Shocking Surprise
type:           radio
verpids:        original: b093ycrh
verpids:        podcast: p05gts7m
version:        original
versions:       original,podcast

INFO: 1 Matching Programmes
jeremy@hector ~ $
jeremy@hector ~ $##################################
Note:- it was only broadcast 2 hours ago....


My version is different to yours, all I get is:

get_iplayer Output:

C:\Users\*******>get_iplayer --pid b093yd8l --info
get_iplayer 3.02-windows.0, Copyright (C) 2008-2010 Phil Lewis
This program comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY; for details use --warranty.
This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it under certain
conditions; use --conditions for details.

INFO: radio episode PID detected (b093yd8l)
INFO: Trying to download PID: b093yd8l using type: radio
INFO: PID not found in cache: b093yd8l
INFO: 0 matching programmes


That programme had not yet been broadcast, and thus was not in your cache, and thus fell foul of a bug in v3.02. See known issues in wiki. Refresh your cache and it should work.


Thanks user-2,

I had checked the release notes before posting but missed the known issues.

It hadn't been broadcast at that time but was available as a podcast on the same PID. I don't tend to use the cache and just download from the PID. Info is something I use rarely but good to know I can have it if I need it.

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