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*Backward* judder (out of order frames?)


Has anyone else seen a form of really bad judder on Android devices where every few seconds a frame seems to be out of order, causing a form of backward judder e.g. in panning shots?

It only seems to happen with certain media, most noticeably HLS content downloaded with get_iplayer - but also with the BBC's own Android app. (I have also seen it sometimes with Bluray/HD content transcoded on-the-fly by Plex.)

It does not occur when playing back content on my Fire TV 4k box (i.e. 2nd gen), but does on both my Galaxy Tab A and my ZTE Blade V7 phone.

I've spent an afternoon messing around, and current best guess, based on a random error message I've seen, is it's a problem with out-of-order timestamps ("non monotonically increasing DTS") in the MPEG-TS stream? I've tried making sure get_iplayer is using a modern ffmpeg, by using a PPA with backports for Ubuntu 14.04.

This didn't seem to be a problem with the old flashhd content. The most obvious example with recent content is the first few seconds of the first episode of Rellik.

Going quietly mad here - anyone else seen this??


These forums are archived

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