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720p@25fps streams not available outside UK?



I'm piggybacking on this thread so I don't have to start a new one since I'm quite puzzled with the evolutions in BBC streaming quality recently.

Please note I tend to run get_iplayer from the command line.
Until a while ago, when downloading in "best" and "default/vgood/..." quality, I would usually obtain a 720p or 480p file. But now, "best" only gives me 540p, not the expected 1280x720.

This got me curious. Going (once again) through the rather elaborate documentation (well done, by the way), I noticed there are about a gazillion different quality settings... however, what I also did notice, is that there aren't almost any 720p streams in 25fps left. The only one I could identify is "hlshd".

So, going back to my trusty programmes, and running get_iplayer with the --info parameter (so that one gets to see all different quality levels on offer), I noticed hldshd doesn't seem to be part of the offering anymore, at least not for the programmes I'm watching. And the 50fps versions, well great, but they tend to be about twice the size of the 25fps versions. So a massive amount of extra download I'm not really interested in.

Therefore, may I assume the following observations are correct?
  • Almost all BBC programmes are now being offered in 720p-50fps, and no longer in 720p-25fps.
  • By default, get_iplayer tries to download in 25fps, unless specifically instructed to do 50fps. And since 720-50ps isn't on the table anymore, he falls back to the next one down.

Please correct me if I'm missing something here.


get_iplayer Output:

longname:       In the Electric Mist
modes:          original: dvfhd1,dvfsd1,dvfxsd1,dvfhigh1,dvfxhigh1,dvflow1,hlshd1,hlsvhigh1,hvfhd1,hvfhd2,hvfsd1,hvfsd2,hvfxsd1,hvfxsd2,hvfhigh1,hvfhigh2,hvfxhigh1,hvfxhigh2,hvfstd1,hvfstd2,hvflow1,hvflow2,subtitles1,subtitles2,subtitles3
modesizes:      original: dvfhd1=3929MiB,dvfsd1=2179MiB,dvfxsd1=1243MiB,dvfhigh1=1217MiB,dvfxhigh1=641MiB,dvflow1=339MiB,hlshd1=2003MiB,hlsvhigh1=1252MiB,hvfhd1=4782MiB,hvfhd2=4782MiB,hvfsd1=2778MiB,hvfsd2=2778MiB,hvfxsd1=1707MiB,hvfxsd2=1707MiB,hvfhigh1=1677MiB,hvfhigh2=1677MiB,hvfxhigh1=1018MiB,hvfxhigh2=1018MiB,hvfstd1=895MiB,hvfstd2=895MiB,hvflow1=672MiB,hvflow2=672MiB,subtitles1=153KiB,subtitles2=153KiB,subtitles3=153KiB
name:           In the Electric Mist
nameshort:      In the Electric Mist
pid:            b01knblk

Pid selected at random, I'm still seeing hlshd mode.
Perhaps you should post a pid where you cannot see hlshd mode (but can see hvfhd).


Ok thanks errfmt.

I am getting the same result... apart from hlshd which seems to be missing. So clearly there must be something wrong on my end.
Maybe a URL is blocked by my network filter. I'll have to troubleshoot some further. Thanks for clarifying. I'll keep you posted.


You appear to be using get_iplayer outside the UK. Thread closed - see forum rules.

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