Any option for surround sound?
I have a surround sound and want to be able to get programmes in 5.1 dolby digital.

bbc iplayer support it as if i load the ps3 or ps4 or tv apps, they are all in dolby digital (when it decides to slowly load) and sound far superior then using get_iplayer.

I have tried searching the forums and documentation but theres nobody seem to be mentioning this? or the search results aren't showing it anyway.

is it not possible? if so will this be added in future? im sure if bbc iplayer, you click on HD to make video HD and automactially it turns on dolby digital and all 5 speakers work (I dont have a sub installed as it broke so not sure if the .1 works), So I would have thought this would be able to be set in get_iplayer

if so how do I do this?

I would like MP4 encoded with 5.1 sound, or ideally .mkv file with 5.1 sound and option to turn on or off the subtitles (I've not managed to get that to work except once and forgot how)

Any help will be appreciated, ive used this software for couple years but never into depth so im bit of a noob with the "code" as I just copy past the pref-add option on documentation to get it to tv best 50fps as default.

I hope I posted this in the correct part of the forum. My Apologies if I haven't.
Not possible - multi-channel audio is not available.
ok no worries, thanks for the reply. bit of a bummer but not the end of the world!

thanks for keeping it updated etc
Sorry for awakening old threads

Is it still the case that bbc iPlayer doesn't provide surround or multi channel audio?