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How to re-do a conversion from FLV to M4A


Hopefully, this is an easy question to answer!

I ran out of space on my HDD while downloading a programme. The download was successful, creating the FLV file (which plays OK in VLC on the PC), but it was unable to perform the conversion to M4A. I like to view the programmes on a networked TV, and I'm pretty sure that won't recognise the FLV format, so I'd like to complete the process.

The error is:
"av_interleaved_write_frame(): No space left on device
Error writing trailer of C:\_documents\iPlayer\get_iplayer_-_b08qd9ww_b08qd9ww_e
ditorial.partial.mp4: No space left on deviceframe=55823 fps=416 q=-1.0 Lsize=
644750kB time=00:37:12.91 bitrate=2365.4kbits/s speed=16.6x
INFO: Command exit code 1 (raw code = 256)
WARNING: Conversion failed - retaining video file: C:\_documents\iPlayer\get_ipl

I've freed up plenty of space on the HDD now. As the FLV is still on the PC, I thought there would be a command in Get_iPlayer to simply re-do the conversion, without having to download the content again. I haven't found one, despite looking through the guides and forums.

Can anyone help with this? Or will it be easier just to use an external file converter?

I'm using v2.99 on Windows Vista, with default installation options (Atomic Parsley and ffmpeg installed).


I would suggest you use ChrisPC Free Video Converter which is free and work well.


Just run the original command again with --force like you were going to re-download and GiP should see the completed download and move straight on to the conversion process.

Also you might want to think about upgrading to 3.01 as this contains a lot of major changes.


Thanks for the tip, tvfan. I'd hoped there would be an easy way to do this.
Gunzerboy, I'll check out that software too. Could be useful for converting some of my home videos.

Great forum!


yeah, def re-run the command and force it to dl and overwrite (if already there).

converting flv to mp4 can be tricky since flv files can contain many different types of media. See here & here for guides on how to convert.

That being said, with any BBC flv I've ended up with then the command ffmpeg -i video.flv -c copy -movflags faststart video.mp4 has worked fine when using ffmpeg.


Thanks for the ffmpeg command Jaybee. I'll give this a try.
I'd wondered if I could use that tool as a stand-alone, but I've found it difficult to navigate through ffmpeg's online documentation so far. It does look like a very useful tool though, so I really need to press on and learn how to use it.


it's fairly easy tbh. I've created a load of scripts that I run. Saves me having to mess with the command line.

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