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Cannot find some Sarah & Duck episodes with get_iplayer search


Hi all,

I'm using GiP on my Mac (FYI). Whilst I've gotten to grips with all the features that I need, there is one stumbling block that I have encountered.

I have been looking for a children's TV show, 'Sarah & Duck' (my little girl loves it). Whilst the command get_iplayer "Sarah & Duck" works, it doesn't return all the available episodes currently on iPlayer. I believe on iPlayer there are 24 episodes, yet the search returns about 12 (approximations as I'm not at home at the moment). There are a few of the episodes that are audio-described which GiP won't download, but thats not an issue as I won't need those.

I can go to the BBC iPlayer Site, open the episode and copy the pid from the address bar, enter it as get_iplayer --pidxxxxx and it downloads, and although I can successfully download several episodes this way (pidxxx pidxxx1 pidxxx2 etc), this does involve manually getting each pid for episodes that aren't listed in Terminal.

I am grateful for the ability to download the programs but wondered if there was a reason as to why it may not be displaying all the episodes available when I do a search in Terminal. Is there something I can do within Terminal, or have I overlooked something quite simple?

Any pointers welcomed,


Hi guys,

I wanted to update this as it's not just that particular TV show as the titled has suggested. I don't watch Eastenders so don't flame me haha, but it does the same for that show too-there are currently 17 episodes of Eastenders on the iPlayer, yet get_iplayer "eastenders" only returns 11 results.

Anybody else experienced this?


Hi Dan,
Did you follow the instructions in the release notes to rebuild your cache once you updated get_iplayer?



I did-3.01 is the first iteration i've ever used for GiP, so I didn't initially-I just tried a test download to make sure it was working correctly, but I did do this after the download was successful. It was until a day or so later that I realised there was this issue.

I'm currently rebuilding the cache as we speak so once it's done I shall give it another shot and report back.


Hmm. That doesn't seem to have worked. I'm going to uninstall both GiP and Homebrew, re-install both, update the cache and try again. And then I'll post back!


So, I did an uninstall of Homebrew & GiP. I rebooted the Mac, opened terminal and reinstalled both. I then did a cache update before downloading anything-I let it update everything. Did the same search for both Sarah & Duck and Eastenders, and both returned the correct amount of episodes for the show.

Job done! I'm not sure why it didn't work first time around-I did nothing different installation-wise from the first time. Eitherway, the issue is now solved and I can watch Sarah & Duck until my heart's content haha!


I've had the same issue a while back and it got "fixed" the same way yours did - by doing the same thing twice. Glad it's fixed, anyway.

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