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No RECORDING mode settings seem to work


OK so the old flv settings are gone...  but now all the good ,worse, worst settings seem gone too.  Cant recll if managed to get some of the hls settings to work, I recall trying various permutations a couple of months ago.

only want some local & natnl news for scrap book, it is kinda freaky times to have some record... but none of the settings work.   Not after premium content, just the stuff Brits have always had access to, pay for.

Used getiplayer for years,  tend to always be in PVR manager, so settings are saved, I haven't changed anything.  

Looked at github wiki stuff but only all the modes I am already aware of are listed there, the ons which seem not to work.

Being inundated with huge file sizes.   only want sd format,  so    288p, 360p or what seemed pretty standard upto last week  396p if that is now the minimum.

All these massive streams is so wasteful, of our HDD's and of BBC's streaming bill,  being frugal used to be a British "thing".


here's an example PID

other tries include permuttions of  hvfxsd2, hvflow2   etc

Maybe I could rephrasse this all and just ask  -     What is the lowest setting now available?

BBC are mad if they are pumping this all out to mobile devices, talk about running up everyones' data charges, and bloat out the networks


Quote:Used getiplayer for years,  tend to always be in PVR manager, so settings are saved, I haven't changed anything.  

You might not have changed anything but get_iplayer has changed it's quality settings in recent versions, the release notes can be long but are very informative.

1: The current quality modes / shortcuts are all documented here: Recording Quality
2: This page goes into more specific details: Modes Reference

Quote:Maybe I could rephrasse this all and just ask  -     What is the lowest setting now available?

For PVR use only, short answer is probably --tvmode=worst

The second page that I linked to, under Shortcut Expansions, will show you exactly which modes this will try: tvworst = hvflow,dvflow (both 512 x 288, which is found in another table on the same page).

Alternatively, on CLI:
1: Use --info to view which stream types are available for any given pid, along with estimated file sizes.
2: Then use --tvmode to select the specific type you want for that pid.

In reply to your other comments, they don't pump out HD streams to mobile devices - as I understand it the official iplayer clients use variable streams based on device type and network quality. If you don't want to download larger streams you don't have to - but at the same time lots of us don't want to stare at a tiny 4" phone screen for a couple hours at a time, or be subjected to grainy blurry pictures on larger screens. That's why the larger streams are available, to maintain picture quality as screen size goes up. Modern cabled telco networks are well capable of handling it (though mobile is a different story).


Oh dear RTFM!!!

DONE ALL OF THAT ALREADY.... pretty clear I tried all including a large selection of tall the modes listed by the perl scipt BUT ARE NOT IN ANY OF THE DOCUMENTTION...

so many i cant recall them all here with out doing a run... but dvfxsd1,2 3..4 and on, hls something...
hvfsd 1, 2, 3 etc hls high very high etc and o on .

WORST WORSE ETC DO NOT WORK....... THAT S THE POINT flv is deprecated, i pointed that out in opening line.

so thanks but no thanks.



There are no modes listed with --info that are not in the documentation. The BBC serves an assortment of video sizes, just as they always have done. The docs referenced by @brutus14 tell you exactly what video size you can expect to get for your choice of recording modes. Smash your caps lock key and sneer about "RTFM" all you like, but that is how everyone else determines what settings to use. If get_iplayer is not working as advertised, follow our instructions to provide a proper report so we can see what is happening on your system.  Otherwise, there is nothing more we can do for you.


Ooooh, capital letters, now we know you're serious.

Of course, you failed to read the forum rules (particularly I suspect Rule 1) or the "How to Request Support" thread. Otherwise you're report wouldn't have been such bad quality. But alas, you're not unique in that respect.

The answers you seek are in this wiki page as was provided to you:

Try to read all of it, notably Recording Mode Details and Shortcut Expansions.

That page details all available modes and how they map to a particular shortcut, including all those "NOT IN ANY OF THE DOCUMENTATION" that you absolutely definitely did read.

If you still can't work it out and you want a further response, be sure to include all the information as required in the section linked below:



Ah a different modes page

Been to three of them already... and seemingly now outdated... can you not kill them or put a bug note on them saying these modes are not relevant anymore.. i've clicked on so may links, done various searches inc inside this site & google.. all of them took me to wrong places.

The overarching question was a simple one HAS BBC KILLED OFF SD STREAMS?..... or the fact that URL' often get displayed with ....... so a link with modes..... at end looks suspiciously like somewhere one has already been.

Have you guys worked out what's going to happen with this password problem?

EDIT - now reviewing that modesref page - and still little enlightenment... because I have already tried those options.. so prob had seen it already.. as stated have been through many... sods law will dictate that next time i try it will work of course... ce'est la vie.

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