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Huge memory usage and looping error


As described on the mailing list, I downloaded GIP 3.01 and started a PVR run.  When I got back to my desk, GIP was looping with the same error message being repeated and the whole machine was unresponsive.

Examining the processes, the kernel was using 11G or real memory, and the GIP/terminal process were using 20G combined.  I killed the processes and forced a reboot to free all memory.  It looks like the program being downloaded was 'Garden Rescue Episode 10 - Weston Super-Mare'.  The looping error message was:
WARNING: Invalid attributes in HLS playlist:

The analysis of the error was provided by another forum member and can be located Here on the archive.

It looks to be an error dealing with the input not in the expected format and loops forever.

I'm running the latest GIP (3.01) and a fully patched Yosemite release of OSX.


Bug, to be fixed for next release. I couldn't replicate the problem with your example, so it would seem the BBC can repair those faulty playlists.

These forums are archived

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