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How do I remove get_iplayer 2.94?


I installed 2.94 using the instructions on at that time.  I now need to remove 2.94 to update to 3.01 but I don't know the commands to do this in terminal.  Any time someone can spare to write me some notes would be a great help.  Many thanks.


Type brew list at a command prompt. If the shell doesn't give a "command not found" message, then you have Homebrew, and the output should be the list of installed packages. If get_iplayer appears in the list of installed packages, then you installed get_iplayer with Homebrew. In that case, upgrade as instructed in macOS install doc. If get_iplayer doesn't appear in the list of installed packages, then use Homebrew to install it as instructed in macOS install doc.

If you don't have Homebrew, type which get_iplayer at a command prompt, which show the full path to the get_iplayer script (likely /usr/local/bin/get_iplayer). Remove that file. Look in the same folder for a file named get_iplayer.cgi (you may not have installed it) and remove that as well. If you don't find get_iplayer.cgi in the same folder, type which get_iplayer.cgi at a command prompt to make sure you didn't install it somewhere else. Or you can simply search your system for those two files and delete them.



I hope I am posting this in the correct place.

I am trying to assist a friend to upgrade from get_iplayer 2.94 to the latest version using MacOS x - El Capitan.

As I do not have a machine running this version of MacOS X I can't test things at home and try to reproduce what is going on so I am relying on trying to help her by phone.

She has followed the instructions you outlined above and thinks she has removed version 2.94.
When she tries to install the latest version however she gets the output attached.

The last line of this obviously suggests that the system thinks v2.94 is still installed even though the files have been removed.

Any help gratefully appreciated and many many thanks for all your work on get_iplayer which I find wholly invaluable.



You didn't follow the Homebrew upgrade instructions in the get_iplayer installation doc, so Homebrew isn't allowing you to install over an existing version. But that doesn't matter since you haven't properly installed Homebrew, either. You apparently haven't installed the Xcode command line tools, which Homebrew requires. You ignored that bit of the documentation as well. If you're going to use Homebrew, then read their documentation and follow their installation instructions. Learn to use brew doctor to check your Homebrew installation BEFORE installing get_iplayer. And if you're going to install get_iplayer with Homebrew, then read its installation doc for macOS and follow the instructions there.

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