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V3.00 - very slow download


First: Thank you very much for providing Get_iPlayer - it is appreciated :)

Downloaded and upgraded from V2.94. Discovered the default download quality was now 320kb/s so, as I only download radio programmes, added the line "radiomode radiogood" to the options file which solved that.

Previous versions of Get_iPlayer have downloaded at a decent speed - about 30s to 60s to download 45m of audio however V3 is taking around 25 minutes to do the same and is showing a download speed around 0.3Mb/s. Sometimes the download is fast for the first few megabytes but then slows considerably. Other times it's slow from the start.

I'm using a broadband connection and have no other speed issues. shows download/upload speeds of 12.31/0.9Mbps which is consistent with my internet plan.

This is my options file:
; Options file for Get_iplayer V3.00
; 6th May 2017

output H:\zz\m4a

exclude-supplier <akamai>,<limelight>
whitespace 1
fileprefix <name>-<seriesnum>-<episode>

type radio
;MPEG-4 AAC 96.0 kb/s stereo - 15m of audio = 10MB
radiomode radiogood

ffmpeg C:\Program Files\GetIplayer\FFmpeg\ffmpeg-2.2.3-win32-static\bin\ffmpeg.exe

Any ideas?



I'm going to close this thread since issues of download speed are strictly off-topic - see forum rules. However, a few suggestions:
  • Upgrade to 3.01. 3.00 is no longer supported
  • Use the ffmpeg provided. The ancient version you have configured is not supported here.
  • Read the support notes section in the 3.00 release notes. EDIT: and the options list entry for --exclude-supplier

These forums are archived

See this post for further info