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Small error on manpage



I am one of the Get iPlayer Automator refugees, and first of all want to say a huge thank you to user-2 and anyone else who has contributed to get_iplayer. What excellent software! I spent some time yesterday getting it installed and configured to my liking, and love the customisability.

One thing I ran across is a reference in the manpage to the --no-sanitise option (in the description of the --whitespace option).


I was interested in what this did, so searched around but couldn't find anything about it. However, today, after following a thread on this forum about a different issue, I read the v2.98 release notes, and they lead me to believe that the --no-sanitise option was removed in that version.


So I think this is a case of the manpage just needing a small update to remove reference to --no-sanitise.

I looked for an issue tracking system on the GitHub page, but was lead to believe this is the place to post bug reports. Apologies if I've got this wrong!

Thanks again for all your great work.




These forums are archived

See this post for further info