Recording folder possible on other drive?
I´ve successfully managed to install get-iPlayer 3.0 having come over from GIA but would like to save recordings to one of my other connected HDDs (Thunderbolt chassis) and not the root SSD drive. I´ve tried entering the exact path and saving it but it always goes to the root drive, creating then a folder based on my path route details.
Post the exact command you are using that leads to this behaviour.
You need to use a programme option to specify the output location. Read the TV download guide.
I entered   MAC 3TD HD/Users/MyName/Music/BBC.  The relevant HDD has exactly that name with spaces. The recorded file was put into a created folder on my foot SSD under /Users/MyName/Music/BBC

I´ll try the method as described in the TV guide using --output.......
Please read the guide:

Read the rest of it whilst you are in there, it'll probably help with any future questions too.
I tried adding the correct path to the other HDDS as described using the Terminal command but it still records on the root SSD, just adding the folder specified in the given path onto the root address in the process. As I´m new to this programme I guess I´m making some mistake somewhere but I don´t see where.The terminal entry created a split line (I entered it as just one) which I suspect was the reason, here it is :
[size=x-small][font=Menlo]INFO: Added option 'output' = '“MAC'[/font][/size]
[size=x-small][font=Menlo]INFO: Added option 'search' = '(3TB|HD/Users/MyName/Music/BBC|Audio”)'[/font][/size]

Sorry, I forgot to include the output command I entered:
get_iplayer --prefs-add --output “MAC 3TB HD/Users/MyName/Music/BBC Audio”
Pay closer attention to the examples in the guide. EDIT: Curly quotes don't work - use straight quotes. Delete the file $HOME/.get_iplayer/options. It is broken now, so you'll need to start over.

You also didn't read the guide information thoroughly enough - you still don't have the proper path for your external drive. There is a link handily labelled "How to find the location of a Folder in Mac OS X" that takes you to a site with detailed explanations of how to get folder paths in Finder.
OK, thanks for the help. I´ve got the exact path  /Volumes/Mac 3TB HD/Users/MyName/Music/BBC Audio, included then the straight quotation marks, added the --output in front but still no luck.
get_iplayer --prefs-show
doesn´t show the preferences so I guess I´ve got to somehow reset it all I suppose  with the following command:-
get_iplayer --prefs-clear   

Will that delete the $HOME/.get_iplayer/options   you mentioned
or do I need to do more to reinstall the new path?
Only you can delete the options file, not get_iplayer. It gets created as needed when you use --prefs-add. If nothing is displayed by --prefs-show, then the options file should be empty, but you can delete it to make sure you have a clean slate.
OK, I tried that and re-entered [size=x-small][font=Menlo]get_iplayer --prefs-add --output="/Volumes/Mac 3TB HD/Users/MyName/Music/BBC Audio" but still no joy. It always puts the files in [/font][/size]
[size=x-small][font=Menlo]/Users/MyName/“MAC  on the root SSD.[/font][/size]
[size=x-small][font=Menlo]I guess I´ll just have to live with it and transfer the files by [/font][/size][size=x-small][font=Menlo]hand. Thanks for your help nevertheless. Your GIA was such a godsend![/font][/size]
You still have not replaced your old broken setting. Did you delete the options file as I suggested? Post the output from get_iplayer --prefs-show so we can verify. And can't you at least show the command you used to download so we assess whether or not that is buggered as well?
I posted get_iplayer --prefs-show in Terminal and it didn´t give any information.I previously ran $HOME/.get_iplayer/option and
get_iplayer --prefs-clear
Then you never used --prefs-add to update your settings, or you didn't use it correctly. It would then seem that you are still using an erroneous command with your broken download location specified to --output. Given all that, then yes, you are right - you will need to move your files by hand until you learn more about macOS. I am going to close this thread. Start a new one if you have a usage queries. Good luck.