Can't download Windoze installer for 3.00.0
I have tried several times to download the Windoze installer for 3.00.0 using Firefox 45ESR and "Windows 7".   The browser downloads 1kB and reports "failed".

Please advise.

UPDATE: I have now downloaded the installer.  I don't know the exact problem yet but it seems to be at my end.  I will come back if I have installer problems.
Well that's nothing to do with get_iplayer, that's your browser not being able to download a file. You'd be better posting in the Firefox forums.
I had trouble downloading it myself, using Firefox about 9 AM Monday May 1st, the download manager was showing a very low transfer speed, about 6 kbit/sec, then I tried wget in a command window and got 403 error, then I tried again and it downloaded in about 1 second, also the Firefox download had completed, maybe the server was getting hammered?

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