Web PVR manager search not finding new programs
As title says, I have version 3.00 running on Windows 10, but using the PVR manager I am unable to find any new programs when refreshing the cache...

Aybody have any suggestions? I have tried a clean reinstall, tried forcing a cache refresh, but still can't find anything from the last 4 or 5 days...
On Windows I had the same problem, after installing and following the instructions to run the command "get_iplayer --refresh --type="tv,radio""

Solved it by running  "get_iplayer --refresh --type="tv,radio" --no-index-concurrent", my cache is up to date.
Both on an a computer with the old version updated to v3.0, and on another totally new/clean computer with a totally new/clean install of v3.0 ... some programs are just not appearing.

One such instance is "Second Chance Summer: Tuscany" on BBC2, 4 episodes on iPlayer, last being 26th April.

Any thoughts?
Try setting "Search Future Schedule" to On. There may be a problem with some repeats not yet broadcast superseding original broadcast in cache, but it is not uniform.
As always ... you are spot on!

OK - so they appeared in the search OK (well, eps 1,3,4 and future 5), series added to PVR, but PVR not recording them.

Similar reason for PVR not finding?
Will this resolve itself at some time when repeats not causing a search issue?

Same problem would apply to PVR, but the programmes would eventually be picked up once the repeat broadcast date has passed.
That's what I was guessing.

I'm about to be away for 2 months, trying to get it all set up so I can access by remote desktop to check. ;)

Thanks again!
One clarification: As with the PVR, setting "Search Future Schedule" to "On" doesn't appear appear to enable downloading any of the troublesome programmes. To actually perform a download, you'll have to break out to the command prompt and use: 
get_iplayer --pid <xxxxxx> --future ...

It's downloaded Ep 1 on the new/clean computer/install .... but not even done that on the old computer updated to 3.0.

It's not downloaded Eps 2, 3 or 4 on either.

Assuming, in series mode, it will download 5 onwards after airing.

This series had never been added to the old computer previously ... so strange it's not handling the same. However, whilst I'm away it's the new/clean that's going to be doing the work, so I can ignore differences for the moment. Just need the new to work. This difference my/may not be of interest to you. ;)

Trying to leave things to run automatically whilst away for 3 months ... and whilst I have remote desktop to add new series as and when, I don't want to burn up data allowances playing with it ep by ep in command-prompt mode. If I miss things ... so be it.

Thanks again.

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