How do I download EastEnders AD versions with get_iplayer broken?
Hello again.

I am both blind and hearing impaired. If I want to enjoy a TV programme, I need to obtain an audiodescribed version, and put it on a special amplified mp3 player that both talks and has sufficient volume that I an hear it...hence I have no choice but to download a file version of a programme. 

As mentioned previously, I essentially download Eastenders on a weekly basis. I do this after the last episode of the week on a Friday once the audiodescribed version has been made available. Unfortunately I was unable to do this last Friday, so I decided few hours ago, to download all of last week's, and the first half of this weeks episodes and, yes, you've guessed it...horror filled my mind, as I realised it wasn't working. I have seen the big announcement on the home page of these forums, that get_iplayer is broken!

My question is...while reading the announcement, it seemed to imply that it might work, but that it was unreliable, so don't waste time trying. Because I am totally reliant on get_iplayer to obtain the audio described version of the programme, if I want to keep up with Eastenders, and I absolutely do, I can't afford to wait, because otherwise the episodes I need will be removed. I therefore would like to at least try to get them.

This is the string I usually use to get the programmes in Get_Iplayer: get_iplayer --versions=audiodescribed --pid=

Listed below are the URLs of the episodes I'm trying to get:

Can anyone tell me how I can at least try to get the above episodes? If respondents say it is not possible, then I guess I live in hope that the updated get_iplayer will be available in two days time as scheduled. Does anyone know if the update is still on schedule for releast on Sunday?

Many thanks for any assistance you can give me.
Just use your normal method of downloading.

As mentioned in this post there are likely to be some irregularities but the PID method has a chance of working still.

Also, I see it's been many hours since you posted. Hopefully you've already gone ahead and at least tried the download with your normal method to see if it worked. There is no sense to waiting to try downloads, just go ahead and try it. The worst that can happen is that it doesn't work or you get an extra file.

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