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DL Speed for radio programmes



I'm in the SF Bay Area, have been using get_iplayer for a few years now and am stumped by the following:

I can download this 10MB file -- Motown_Speaking_in_the_Streets_-__b03nt8wt_original.m4a
in a flash, like 12MB/s.

This 58MB file (and others like it) -- Hitsville_USA_The_Story_of_Motown_-_6._Papa_Was_a_Rolling_Stone_b00wbqxc_original.m4a

takes considerably longer, like 1 MB/s.

I've played around with radiomode=best/better/etc and cannot figure out why higher bitrate files are now comparatively so slow. Have spent a couple of hours reading the guides and forum rules and done a forum search and gotten nowhere.

I'm on a win7 machine with v. 2.99.




To clarify the above:

First file -- INFO: Recorded: 10.54 MiB (00:28:59) [174] in 00:00:06 at 14.06 Mibit/s

Second file -- INFO: Recorded: 59.64 MiB (01:01:14) [574] in 00:10:50 at 0.73 Mibit/s


Hi there,

get_iplayer doesn't really do anything but download using your existing connection. It's not doing anything magic or anything like that, so if you're getting slow speeds it's not because of get_iplayer. It'll be something to do with your ISP and the Beeb's CDN.

It may be the Beeb doesn't see value in paying for fast connectivity for higher bitrate files to overseas listeners. Or it could be something else entirely but there's no way for us to know here I'm afraid.

These forums are archived

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