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Downloads Incredibly Slow in W7 but Fast in XP?


Hi Dinky,

I have been using Get_iPlayer now for many years very successfully (thank you very much!). Only ever use it for radio, live in UK and update reasonably frequently. Never had cause to ask a question either but I am currently on 2.97 on two machines, one a fast W7 intel and another a (relatively slow) AMD on XP. I cannot find anything relalting to why my ususl W7 PC could be so slow but it takes an hour long radio programme about an hour (or longer) to download!

Any help would be appreciated!

many thanks in advance and BTW, could I have a link to a donation page or something - I cannot see anywhere how to get some money to you - and I think its well deserved!




We can't really give you any help based on the information you've provided I'm afraid. There isn't anything there that we can diagnose.

The two things to do would be:

1) Update to the latest version as previous versions aren't supported anyway (new versions correct for iPlayer changes are can solve most issues)

2) Have a read of our 'how to ask for help' guide. Yes, it's voluminous and off putting but it does have a lot of good info. It also tells you how to provide us with logs of what is happening to get_iplayer on your machine.


Please post back if the problems persist after the upgrade and include the logs as requested in the above guide.

Thank you.

These forums are archived

See this post for further info