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Poor speed at downloading from iPlayer


Hi there,

I'm running get_iplayer 2.97 from the Debian Sid repository (on Debian) and I'm outside of the UK and running it by VPN (but that should not matter).
So, shows me a VPN connection speed of at least 20mbit/s, sometimes up to 35mbit/s. I confirmed this result i.e. by downloading a file from here: This also gives me a speed of at least 20mbit/s.
So my VPN connection is quite fast and should not be a problem.
Streaming on the iPlayer website and even the iPlayer app work. Furthermore downloading a programm with the BBC iPlayer app on my mobile via the same VPN is quite fast and takes 10-20 minutes.

But when I download a programm  the download speed shown by get_iplayer is very much lower. When I start fetching a program it is about 8000kbits/s and gets lower contiously to about 2500kbit/s after neraly 10 minutes.

Is this a normal behaviour that appears also from inside the UK? Because it's quite anoying to wait 3 hours for a 1 hour programm.

Thank you!


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