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Thumbnail URI not retrieved or parsed correctly for some programs



I've been finding some thumbnails are not coming up correctly for some programs, notably Radio 4's "15 Minute Drama" programs, "Afternoon Drama", and Radio 3's "Drama on 3."  This seems to have crept in during recent updates, though I'm still too much a newbie in GitHub to know how to isolate it reliably.

For today, here's one example that comes up in get_iplayer 2.99-homebrew.0:

get_iplayer --type=radio --pid=b08h0c9f --thumbonly --info

returns (among many other things)

get_iplayer Output:

and this URI does get pulled and the file attached and such. The trouble is that the correct URI is:

That URI is the one in the logs that Get iPlayer Automator (1.8.7) is returning, so I'm using that to presume the metadata from BBC is not the (sole) issue.

I'm very new at this, so if I err in my submissions or such, I'd welcome any corrections. Thanks very much!

Edit:  Oh!  I should have said, as it might provide a clue.  That first URI returned is currently returned for all "15 Minute Drama" programs, whether on Radio 4, 4 Extra, and whether in the current or previous series. I'm sure you know that each run of this program has its own thumbnail, generally speaking.


See 2.95 release notes. GiA uses an obsolete version of get_iplayer.


Ah!  There it is.  :-)  

Thank you very much for the pointer!  I will now go learn some more.

These forums are archived

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