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How to change cache expiry period?


Hi, I am running F25 (get_iplayer from the Fedora repos) & I have set up the PVR to grab a few radio shows every week. I use cron to kick off a search every hour:

Quote:04 * * * * /usr/bin/get_iplayer --pvr --quiet 2>> /home/tim/get_iplayer.log

I have noticed from the log that I get a message
Quote:getting radio index feeds

This occurs every 3-4 hours. On Sunday when I grab a number of shows this update is a long wait. I tried

Quote:get_iplayer --refresh --type radio

and the shows were there. Is there a way to force a refresh? Say every hour?



You can change the cache expiry period from the default 4 hours - see documentation in wiki.


koay thanks. Set it to 3500s so should check every hour


Another way would be to add --refresh to your cron job command.  Then if you ever choose to change the frequency with which you run the cron job, you know that it will always refresh the cache. 



thanks Jon. That seems like a better solution. At the moment I am getting hundreds of errors from radio stations which can't be indexed but i guess that is not going to happen forever but at least it shows I am asking for updates

These forums are archived

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