"WARNING: Could not download programme metadata" - /programmes maintenance
If you're seeing "WARNING: Could not download programme metadata from" messages, the following may apply:

Quote:Maintenance mode
APS is now supported on a UK-office-hours basis only. In the event of any outages, your attention is drawn to Clause 4 of the licence under which this service was provided, at its inception in 2007: http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/bbcbackstage/...ence.shtml.
In May 2017, regrettably, this system will permanently cease producing XML and rdf outputs. A JSON service will be kept in place for a period following this but due to budgetary and strategic considerations beyond the domain of the team which has been maintaining the system which produces these feeds. Thus the long-term availability of programme metadata, in any format, at this location, is no longer guaranteed. Other options for meeting the generic requirements which the feeds have met are under consideration, elsewhere in the BBC.
If you wish to contact the BBC on this specific matter, please address any email to programmes-devel@lists.forge.bbc.co.uk
This action by the BBC also breaks programme indexing and cache refresh along with recursive download. Downloading with --pid still works, but the programme metadata will be unreliable and file names may not be as expected. For the moment, just don't use get_iplayer. There will be an announcement in this forum if/when the BBC data is available again.

EDIT: Thread closed to avoid me-toos and hijackers. Save everyone some time and refrain from creating a duplicate thread for this issue.

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