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Live stream URLs


Regarding the comment in the v2.98 release notes ("If you know of a similar resource for live TV stream links"), I'm not 100% sure if this refers to a human-readable page such as the RadioFeeds or to a source of data behind it, such as the IMDA Transport.xml

The best I've been able to find is a list of service-ids and types (not stream URLs or mediaset values) from the Echo Schedule Service API

I've added a few channels from this list to the gist mentioned in the release notes and put a copy here. These channels include the BBC Radio 1, Radio 1Xtra and Radio 5 Live video feeds.

Because of where it is hosted, only the generated stream URLs are available; with those from the mediaselector API, the radio streams are the international versions and TV streams are unavailable.


I was thinking of a TV version of the RadioFeeds site, where you could just click and play an HLS stream in your browser or configured media player. It seemed unlikely, but then again I didn't look too hard. 

The Echo Schedule Service API didn't seem useful for this particular purpose. It seemed easier to generate URLs as usual rather than winnow out the chaff from that data. It would be handy if there were an equivalent of imda_transports.xml for TV, but I've never come across such a thing.

Thanks for digging out those additional streams and for running the gist online.

These forums are archived

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