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Where Can I Learn More About GiP & Thanks Dinky


I know it's been said before & I will say it again & that is that we all appreciate the work that Dinky has done over time.

I still consider myself a fairly new member & user & I've got a lot to learn. For instance, I didn't know what deprecated meant until recently.
I've had to look up what remuxing meant.
What's a DASH stream?
I only know a small handful of commands for get_iplayer like, --raw or --modes=best etc. So I'm probably underusing GiP & not getting what I want out of it. So I need to find out if there is a user manual with examples so I know what each command does & the correct syntax as well.

I only use Windows at the mo but if & when I either get a new laptop or reinstall everything on my present hard drive, I might make it a dual boot system. I then could have the Linux distro that I downloaded more than a year ago that I've not used yet, Linux Mint. So then I would have that & either Windows 7, 8.1 or 10 installed as well.
What I don't know is whether GiP would work better under Linux rather than Windows. I think it would be Linux because I think I have read somewhere that GiP was originally a Linux created software. But for now I have to use it under Windows only.

So if anybody can point me in the right direction to fully learn all the available commands to use with GiP & also how to configure GiP to one's own preference. I need to learn about things that people talk about like bitrates etc & what effect on the finished product it has if you choose one over another.


What is the meaning of deprecated?

An entity that is tolerated or supported but not recommended.

If you see something say “this has been deprecated..” when talking about some specific function/method, a software feature, or a particular software practice it just means that it should not be used because there is (or there will be) a better alternative in that software that should be used instead.

What does muxing mean for videos?

MKV and MP4 are containers that hold the video, audio (and subtitles if there are any) of your video file. Muxing is the process of combining these video, audio and subtitle components into the one container file so that it can be read/played back by your media player.

When you convert from an MKV to an MP4 container, the video converter you use changes the video and audio codecs from the original file so that your media player are able to read and so puts these changed video & audio streams into an MP4 container.

These forums are archived

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