2.98, ffmpeg-radio-opts gone
Just upgraded to 2.98. I can see from the changelog that a load of options have been removed. One of these is --ffmpeg-radio-opts. I used this to add hints to the downloaded files to help my MP3 player with seeking M4A files, like this:

--ffmpeg-radio-opts -movflags rtphint

Nice and simple. In 2.98, to get the same result, I have to do:

--command ffmpeg -i "<filename>" -vn -acodec copy -absf aac_adtstoasc -movflags rtphint "<filename>.<ext>" & move /y "<filename>.<ext>" "<filename>"

This took me a lot of experimentation, trying to work out what get_iplayer 2.97 was doing and how to replicate it.

Why was this option removed? I'm sure there was a very good reason, but from here it just seems to make things more difficult.

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