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very slow downloads with get_iplayer


Not sure where to post this. It is not exactly a support request and it is not a complaint. Mainly, I am just trying to get some information/clarification. I am running Win 7.

In the not-too-distant past, I was able to bypass iPlayer's DRM restrictions on downloaded content by downloading the video files directly with IDM (Internet Download Manager). That worked perfectly. Then BBC changed something and it stopped working. 

Next I discovered Any Video Converter, which also worked well as a downloader. It was much slower than IDM for single files, but worked well with multiple simultaneous downloads, which shared the bandwidth. In effect, this made it almost as fast as IDM.

The other day this also stopped working for most videos, though it still works for some. So I have returned to get_iplayer, which works with everything. However, the downloads are extremely slow, as slow or possibly even slower than playing in real time. A standard HD video takes at least an hour, maybe two or more. Last night I tried to download a film and that required 5 hours!

My connection is not that slow. It usually tests out at 30 Mbps or better and as already stated, videos that I still am able to download with Any Video Converter are much faster. My question is if this is normal with get_iplayer, or could there be a problem with my set-up. As far as I can tell, get_iplayer seems to be working correctly, just very slow. I tried doing multiple downloads last night as a test, but it didn't make any difference as the downloads occurred sequentially, not simultaneously. Get_iplayer seems to be utilising only a small portion of the available bandwidth.

Can anyone explain more to me about this? Is there any way to improve it? Thanks for any information.


You appear to be using get_iplayer outside the UK. Thread closed - see forum rules.

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