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DRM Enquiry?


Maybe someone can clarify for me.  It states in the "Features" page that;

"First and foremost, get_iplayer does not allow you to get around the BBC's DRM or geo-location checks."

"It will also remove content after 30 days - just like BBC iPlayer Desktop."

However.  I can see no evidence of DRM being in place on my downloaded show.  The file I downloaded will not be removed or unplayable within 30 days as stated above.


The BBC doesn't place DRM on their shows, hence get_iplayer can't circumvent it seeing as it doesn't exist. Sometimes you have to state the obvious just to be seen to state it.

get_iplayer won't make the file you download unplayable, it'll simply prompt for removal after 30 days.

The whole features page needs an overhaul but there's been a fair amount of change over the last few releases and there's potentially a bit more stability coming in the future, so the page will get updated when the dust settles.

Dinky maintains a more up to date feature list over on GitHub, I just haven't gotten around to sorting it here.

These forums are archived

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