another web interface for get_iplayer

I wondered if people might be interested in a another web interface for get_iplayer

this one is a tool which manages a queue of downloads, has the option for an embedded player using the JW player (if you download FLV files), and a somewhat useable search function which (ab)uses the Android app's API to search the BBC's iplayer service.

it's very much a work in progress, and its UI is brutally function before form!

I figured other people might find it useful, or be able to help improve the search functions especially for iplayer radio.

People might be interested that this has been through some major improvements, and the search function works quite well, radio is still not quite there yet.
Also newer jwplayer in place.
the wrapper I wrote around get_iplayer uses the same API as the android app and called get_iplayer with just a pid, so hopefully as long as get_iplayer continues to works with just a pid, then all is not lost.
I recently documented how to use this along with a podcast generator, so you get downloaded radio programs on your phone using a podcast player.