Can't download using URL
I have been using get_iplayer on Windows 10 64-bit for a few weeks now and everything has been working fine when I used the direct URL copied from the iplayer website and put it into get_iplayer.

Last few days I can't download and I always get the same warning at the end about being outside the UK when i'm inside the UK.

I can go straight to a browser and go to iplayer and watch anything fine. Also my IP is still within the UK.

An example of one programme is Cbeebies The Let's Go Club.

Past episodes have downloaded previously without issue but now they or new ones won't.

Command i'm using is 

get_iplayer Output:

get_iplayer ""

I've attached the log for viewing the output.

Thanks for any assistance.

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Thanks for the log. It doesn't matter if you can play programmes on the iPlayer site. As you can see in the log, download of programme metadata failed. get_iplayer can't tell if that's because you're outside the UK - the "may" is significant in the error message - or because of some problem upstream (server error, etc.). I can't shed any light on what that problem might be - your example works fine here. If you're using a VPN, it might be blocked regardless of where you are. You can test the principal metadata URL ( separately to see if you get any useful error message. If you know how to use curl or a similar tool, that would be better for testing than your browser.

I've installed curl and will read up on it to do some testing. Also I don't use any VPN.
Although it's a reach, another avenue to explore is whether or not an anti-virus or firewall  is interfering, e.g., by preventing perl.exe from making network connections. Your log shows that you can't download anything with get_iplayer, so if all your logs look the same the root cause may be more than just intermittent connectivity problems or server errors.
Absolutely spot on!

Comodo Firewall had enabled a HIPS module which was basically stopping get_iplayer from initialising the .pl script.

It must have enabled on the last Comodo update as I normally only have the firewall running and get_iplayer has worked before. I have tried allowing access to the .pl and it now works.

Thanks Dinky!