2.96 gives error 'Files was unexpected at this time'
I installed 2.96. Any attempt to run the i_player.cmd received this error. After googling the error it seems that the problem is something to with quotes and strings. After failing to get the cmd file to display anything useful, I replaced i_player.cmd with the file from 2.95 and everything worked. After a bit of investigation it would appear that the problem was caused by the length of the PATH string being greater than 2048 bytes. When I trimmed PATH back below 2048 characters 2.96 worked
The issue of problems due to overstuffed PATH is noted in Windows installation instructions.
I never had any problems updating before so I didn't read the release notes - I have done so now and will do in future.
I am getting this error. I uninstalled my old version and installed the newest version 3.20.0 but I still get the error.

I checked the Windows installation guide but it didn't really give any pointers. Not really sure how to trim a PATH string!

Can anyone help?
There is no shortage of places in the internet that tell you how to edit your PATH system environment variable. Google is your friend. Thread closed.