Basic Help in Starting With Get_Iplayer ?
(30-06-2016, 04:06 PM)Paul33 Wrote: Are there some basic instructions anywhere to help somebody who isn't familiar with CLI screens. I can load up my Get_Iplayer CLI black window but then what do I do because whatever I type it says it does not recognise the command !
I can't tell from your response whether you have gotten past the "not recognised" error and you are actually running get_iplayer. If not, then it is possible you are not invoking get_iplayer from the Start Menu for some reason. If you are using the Start Menu shortcut, then your installation appears to be broken or else you didn't install get_iplayer properly. Download the installer from the link on this page:

and reinstall get_iplayer.  If it still doesn't work, see this.

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