Radio: 30 days and everything 320kbps?
Many thanks to all those who have contributed to the development of get_iplayer over the years. And to the BBC for bringing us such fantastic programmes!

My standard method of downloading BBC radio programmes in the best possible quality is to use:

get_iplayer -g --type=radio --pid xxxxxxxx --raw --force (specific programme, using PID from relevant BBC schedule page)


get_iplayer -g --type=radio "keyword" --raw --force (multiple programmes with specific word in the title)

When using the current (2.94) general-release version, I can draw from the past seven days of programmes with the latter - and all downloaded programmes are 128kbps aac/flv (with the exception of Radio 3, which is 320kps aac/flv)

But if I use a development version of get_iplayer (specifically 2.95-dev), I can draw from the past 30 days of schedules - and everything (not just Radio 3 content) is downloaded in 320kbps (in this case, as aac/m4a). Great news for fans of Radio 1 and 6 Music!

What's going on? All BBC radio streams are available as 320kbps aac streams (see here: - you can, out of interest, capture these in real-time with VLC's 'convert/save' option). But is this also now true of catch-up content? Have I stumbled on something currently in the BBC's development phase?

I note from one of Dinky's posts in another thread ( that "the development version of get_iplayer picks up the full version because it uses DASH by default". Might that have some bearing on the issue? Another post ( refers to lovely '320kbps', although his command-line options are different to mine.

I can't see evidence of any pointless transcoding to higher bitrates (e.g., ffmpeg) at work in Windows task manager, although AVG's LinkScanner (avgnsx.exe) is working harder - presumably on account of the larger amounts of data being shifted. But then again, the --raw and --force options are both supported by general and development versions of get_iplayer.

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