GiP saved download plays on VLC but not on my TV
Until about the middle of last November (2019) get_iplayer downloads seemed to come down in a single combined audio and video file. get_iplayer then converted this to an mp4 file.This played on VLC, WMP, and on my TV when I used a USB stick to transfer the file. After about mid November I noticed that the audio file downloaded first then the video file and they were then converted to a single mp4. This mp4 still played on VLC but not on my TV or on WMP. I currently use Handbrake to convert the file to another mp4 (I use the default 'Fast 1080p 30' preset). This converted file then plays on VLC, WMP and my TV.

It seems likely the BBC changed the format in some way about then. I noticed that the first two episodes of Seven Worlds One Planet downloaded in the original way and played on my TV but subsequent episodes did not. (The behavior related to the episode not the date I downloaded them)

Do I have to live with this behavior (I obviously have a workaround) or are there some parameters I can set to produce an mp4 which will play on my TV (a fairly old Sony Bravia) without using Handbrake to convert it?

I currently use:

get_iplayer --pid=xxxxxx

which version of Gip ?
can you tell me what tv programme is doing this , or is it all ?
i assume these are HD programmes , but why re-encode at 30fps , the files from BBC should be 50 or 25 fps.
I have had no problems with the files on my Samsung tv, so wondering what is happening at your end.
Harlequin1963 - Thanks for asking about the version. I found I was on an old version and the problem disappeared when I updated to 3.25. Programmes now download as a single audio+video file again, and the mp4 plays in WMP and my TV.

( I used 30 fps because that was the Handbrake default and I was doing a quick experiment. Worked fine though.)

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