Problems downloading Spooks S8E7
Thought I would binge watch Spooks while UK is under lockdown so set GiP to download all episodes.

All worked fine except 8/7 which failed: No streams available for 'other' version.

Looking closer at the PID info, it seems that all episodes are version 'original', except this one. However GiP starts downloading version 'other' but my upload is a bit flakey at times and I get the odd Warning Unexpected size error.

99.9% of the time this is annoying but not a problem. In this specific case the download fails to restart - coming up with the fatal error 'no streams available'.

I can force the show to download using --noverify but that is not ideal.

Why is GiP unable to restart version 'other'?

Even setting --version other does nothing. It is the restart after a size error that fails each time.

I can download the show on iPlayer itself and I can watch it on the web player - I just can't download it using GiP.