Per documentation, use regular expression to find all episodes of "1834"
Using the PVR Manager, I type in "1834" (without the quotes) but it doesn't come up with the 3 episodes I expected.

I sort of remember something that PVR Manager won't search for pure numbers but unfortunately, that's what the radio program is called.

Any ideas how I can find the three episodes?


You could look in the Wiki:
If you just want to download them I used this

get_iplayer.cmd --type=radio --pid=b011klyr,b011db7v,b01137b8

and resulted

get_iplayer Output:

1834 - Strong Continental Lager, BBC Radio 4 Extra, b011klyr
1834 - The Time Machine, BBC Radio 4 Extra, b011db7v
1834 - What Century Are You Living In?, BBC Radio 4 Extra, b01137b8
INFO: 3 total programmes

INFO: Downloading radio: '1834 - 03. Strong Continental Lager (b011klyr) [original]'
INFO: Downloaded: 70.36 MB (00:29:13) @ 46.91 Mb/s (dafhigh1/ll) [audio]
INFO: Converting to MPEG-TS
INFO: Converting to M4A
INFO: Tagging M4A
INFO: Running user command
I was looking at how to do it using the PVR Manager. I'll see if "^1834" works when I am next at my machine.


So just putting a ^ in front of 1834 made it work - no quotes needed.

Thanks to those who helped



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