Per 3.23 release notes, 320k/96k HLS streams no longer available for radio programmes
I know some modes are still missing in the new release, does this also cover HAF modes for radio or are these gone for good?

Also when using dvfxsd on the ones with no hvfxsd stream available, DASH only downloads the audio at 96kbps instead of 128kbps.

As always thanks for your quick work fixing the current issue. Do you have any ideas when the next bug fix release will be coming?

EDIT: 320k HLS streams (hafhigh mode) have since returned, though they may only be available for the podcast versions of World Service programmes.
I've just downloaded hafstd radio

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32135: The Archers Omnibus - 01/12/2019, BBC Radio 4, m000bv2k
INFO: 1 matching programmes

INFO: Downloading radio: 'The Archers Omnibus - 01/12/2019 (m000bv2k) [podcast]'
INFO: Downloaded: 77.70 MB (01:16:07) @ 17.76 Mb/s (hafstd1/ll) [audio]       
INFO: Converting to M4A
INFO: Tagging M4A
Thanks. I didn't properly read the release notes. So for radio, dafhigh is the only way to download the 320 kbps streams.

As far as TV goes, I know there is a bug that is stopping hvfxsd streams showing for some programmes which will be fixed in the next release. However the dvfxsd streams are generally showing as using 96 kbps audio. I'm not sure if the hvfxsd stream will also be 96 kbps or whether that will continue to be 128 kbps as before. A look at the Recording modes reference page suggests that hvfxsd will also now only be 96 kbps.

However hvfhigh does still offer 128 kbps audio though it is 704 x 396@50fps instead of 960 x 540@25fps. Not sure how much difference that visually makes.

If hvfxsd with 128kbps audio is gone, I wonder if it would be possible to, for example, ask GiP to download the dvfxsd video file and the dvfhigh audio file then combine them using ffmpeg at the end automatically like it already does with the 2 daf streams. Currently both streams are from 1 mode though.
Oh yes, you're right, I hadn't properly read the release notes either.

I downloaded a programme using hafhigh successfully (with the 403 forbidden error) using a laptop which still had 3.22. I then updated it to 3.23 and got hafhigh not available, though dafhigh was fine.
Dinky, Are you able to confirm the audio bitrate of the hvfxsd streams that will be made available in the next release? Will they be 96 kbps like the dvfxsd modes? In the current version some programmes already do have hvfxsd available at 128kbps. Tonight's London News for example (m000c02w) though dvfxsd also shows as 128 kpbs for that. Others though show dvfxsd as 96 kbps. Would those programmes also only be 96 kbps using hvfxsd?
Could be either.
Thanks dinky. I've noticed that since the most recent changes at the BBC, the audio bitrate for programmes where hvfxsd and dvfxsd are the highest available (London News as an example) seems to be quite inconsistent. In 3.23 hvfxsd often shows for the London News and when I check --info it shows both hvfxsd and dvfxsd have 128 kbps audio but sometimes just dvfxsd shows and there are other programmes where dvfxsd is the only option and those come back with 96 kbps audio. It doesn't make sense that some have a better audio stream than others.

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