[FIXED] 403 Forbidden errors for HLS playlists
I'm getting a lot of "403 Forbidden" playlist errors today in get_iplayer. Some programmes work fine but others either get there after a few tries or fail. Using todays 10 O'clock News as an example (m000bqq3)

ERROR: Failed to download URL (3/3): https://vod-hls-uk-live.akamaized.net/usp/a
ERROR: Response: 403 Forbidden

This seems to be affecting HLS Playlists. Newer programmes seem to be missing HVF streams and some older programmes are hit and miss as to whether they have them or not. Radio doesn't seem to have any HAF modes left.

I seem to be able to get some of the HVF streams if I go through the mediaselector etc myself but the addresses GiP shows as forbidden don't work in the browser either. Have they changed the URL structure or anything?

Any ideas?
Due to BBC changes, and will be remedied in a new release. Until then, workarounds available - see Known Issues in wiki. Otherwise, messages can be ignored. Thread closed to avoid me-toos.
fixed in v3.23