New install: needed cache rebuild to find radio programme from previous week
New laptop Win10, new install of 3.22.

When using the PVR, I refreshed the cache it shows programs from today only. Is there a way I can get list going back in time?

For instance I like this show Soundscapes with Stephen McCauley on Radio Ulster from 11th Sept and would like to get it.

Regards Lee
See the Wiki about the caches and rebuilding them at:

You can always get a single programme (if it's still available) just using the pid and running:

get_iplayer --pid m00087rm

downloaded your radio programme fine for me.
Ah, many thanks.

Did get_iplayer --cache-rebuild without realising it only did the TV.

get_iplayer --cache-rebuild --type=radio worked great.

Regards Lee

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